Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Stayed Up Way Too Late Reading But I Still Need to Post a Blog

I can't grammar today. My brain is not having it. Really. I tried to describe simple, complex, and compound sentences this morning and eventually just had to let Google explain things. And then I drank a large glass of sweet tea. It's not even lunch time yet.

Here's the thing...I stayed up too late reading. It pretty much looked like this:
Something happens in the summer. Working from home means that I can set my own hours and when I don't *have* to be anywhere at a certain time, things get a little hazy. So I was curled up in a reading chair with Grace in the Wilderness: After the Liberation 1945-1948 until one this morning. That wouldn't have been such a bad thing except that I was awake at 5 and thinking about Go Set a Watchman. Never, ever tell me that books are boring. Especially not today on such little sleep. I'm feeling a bit cantankerous. 

Unfortunately I neglected to post a blog last week...and the week before that, so I didn't want to miss it three weeks in a row. I wrote one for last week, but it never seemed to come together the right way, so I present to you the bits and pieces of what I didn't cut from the blog I never posted. If that didn't make sense, my apologies. Again, I can't grammar. Pretty much at all.

And now we rewind to last week...

June 8, 20015
It’s Wednesday again. I will readily admit that I neglected to post a blog last week because I was sitting in a canoe, paddling up a creek. I saw unexpectedly big turtles and a couple of egrets that made my breath catch as they took flight beside our trusty ark. In the interest of being authentic, I will also readily admit that my opinion of its seaworthiness faltered when a rather large water snake decided to swim beside us. I did lean over to get a better look and surprised myself when my only exclamation about the sea serpent ended up being that it was quite beautiful. My fellow passenger was more concerned about my inexperience with paddling and kept a weather eye to ensure that I didn’t inadvertently fling Nessie aboard our boat. I’m happy to report we kept our respective distances and conversed only in passing. Every snake is secretly hoping a funny looking creature floating in the water will tell them they are beautiful. Nature. Get out in it.

Notice the largish turtle on the branch. Squint. It helps.

Nessie is out there somewhere.

And fast forward to today...

That's pretty much all I've got for today. I think the best thing for all of us to do now is step away from this monstrosity of a blog and have another glass of tea, on the rocks, with a splash of lemonade. And one of us won't stay up so late next week before trying to write a blog...although considering the number of books out there, I certainly make no promises.